Whats App Marketing

Today WhatsApp is the top messaging tool. As this platform is using by people across the world. Now  WhatsApp has proven itself , and also provide its user a great option for business to use as communication medium with its customers.

In order to send customers email fliers is a old way now people using WhatsApp to share their brochures and such promotional content.

We can find that companies these days engaging with their clients using this messaging application. just because it is easy to use and keep engage your customer with you.

Every business should update themselves with customers needs and interest, so they can not let move away their customer toward other brands. WhatsApp Marketing can help them to do this.

Creating group is so simple in WhatsApp, so it is become super easy that you can make timely interventions to improve your business processes.

Here are some of the features that WhatsApp Marketing provides:

  • Customised messages
  • Import contacts manually or from CSV or TXT file
  • Send messages to unsaved contacts
  • Multi-account
  • Auto-variation
  • Scheduling messages at specific times and gaps
  • User friendly web portal
  • Campaign tracking & reporting
  • Helps create multiple message variations to avoid spam
  • Attach images & videos to messages
  • Number filter for all your contacts
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